Saturday, December 29, 2007

Dundee Diehards

The Dundee Diehard re-enactment team was formed in Dundee at the time of the centenary of the Anglo-Boer war and modeled on the United Kingdom Diehards re-enactment team who came to South Africa in 1999 to re-enact the Battle of Isandlwana. The duke of Kent has viewed the performance of the in action during his visit to Dundee in 1999. The idea caught the imagination of the townsfolk who turned out in Khaki uniforms, Boer Commando dress, Indian stretcher bearers or Zulu scouts, to re-enact the battle on three different occasions in 1999. In all a total of 120 local "actors" turned out for the performances. Since then the core of the group decided to mold the team into a more permanent set of actors and immediately set about acquiring redcoats to re-enact the popular battles of Isandlwana and Rorkes Drift. A group of Zulu warriors in battle dress, spears, shields and hides were galvanized into joining the Diehards in their various shows.Members of the Diehards are committed to re-enact the history of the battles that took place in the Battlefields of South Africa. All members are volunteers who take part in the re-enactments for little or no compensation. Everything possible is done to ensure that the equipment of the Diehards is as accurate as possible and includes Martini Henry rifles, Lee Metford rifles for the various re-enactments of the team. Performances include re-enactment of the Anglo-Boer war and the Anglo Zulu war. The Diehards also take part in military parades, special events and guards of honour. A number of documentary films were commissioned by the BBC, SABC and other television networks.
To date the Diehards has taken part in the following re-enactments:
* Display for the Duke of Kent,
* Battle of Talana,
* Battle of Rorkes Drift,
* Battle of Insandlwana,
* The capture of Winston Churchill,
* Battle of Magersfontein,
* Battle of Pieter's Hill,*
Display at the Newcastle and Pietermaritzburg shows,
* Battle of Spionkop,
* Battle of Surrender Hill,
* Battle of Majuba,
* Battle of Chrissiesmeer,
* Defence of Fort Amiel,
* The commissioning of the South African Navy vessel SAS Insandlwana.
As can be seen from the venues the Diehards has taken part in that the members are dedicated to perform history in action and are willing to travel where ever they are required to perform.

The Diehards are looking for new talent and interested persons can contact the team leader, Gavin Slater on 084 4859 173. Bookings and enquiries can be directed to Gavin Slater at or